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Digital innovation as a vision for the future with Synelience Group
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Innovation strategy & vision

The frantic pace at which new technologies are being developed could easily surpass the speed at which companies and organizations are evolving. The fact is that navigating the technological ecosystem and identifying the smart solutions that are best suited to your business sector can be a tedious and time-consuming endeavour. Whether you look at artificial intelligence, machine learning, information systems or IoT smart objects, the opportunities are vast – but the concrete solutions are harder to put in place.

At Synelience Group, we believe that digital innovation should serve people, patients and organizations. Otherwise, its utility would be confined to economic goals. To maximize added value for your teams and your business processes, we gave ourselves the mission of assisting you with your shift to digital by anticipating your most essential needs and laying the foundations for sustainable, upgradable and resolutely future-oriented infrastructure.


Always on the lookout for new technologies, our teams stay up to date on digital innovations so they can discover new solutions that they can recommend whenever they prove to be relevant. Our speciality is in implementing those solutions without affecting your business continuity.

From our project managers to our on-site technicians, by way of our consultants and network engineers, our core business is, first and foremost, about people . Driven by a startup mentality, our teams are here to listen to the person behind the user, to provide you with the response you need, when you need it.

We know that the complexity of certain protocols and the ecosystem of technologies and the IoT may be intimidating to many people, so how do you navigate it and how do you compare the best solutions? Much of our work involves making these new options more understandable, always with an emphasis on teaching and consideration for others.

because we are aware of the far-reaching nature of our activities and the importance of creating a favourable work environment, we are driven by a code of ethics and set of strong values – like diversity and inclusion, zero corruption and transparency – and we actualize our economical engagement through our Green WiFi programme and our green IT approach to building our solutions.

Widely accessible innovations: our mission remains the same

Whatever your business sector and market, new technologies offer amazing possibilities for development, like the modernization of production chains, application virtualization, widespread use of the cloud, and the list goes on. However, there are ever-growing numbers of solutions for each of those aspects.

Thanks to our technological expertise and our ability to understand what makes your business unique, we are in a position to guide you towards the most relevant digital opportunities – before incorporating them into your IT ecosystem without causing any disruption of service or overrunning your budget. With Synelience Group, the most exclusive technologies are now within anyone’s reach.

E-health, a key component of our identity

As Synelience Group’s original core business, e-health and its applications embody our desire to put technology to work for people. Whatever your issues, we can help you identify the tools, technologies and platforms that will allow you to speed up your healthcare establishment’s digital transformation, forge new ties between patients and caregivers, and improve structural effectiveness and regional dynamics.

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