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Synelience Group brings you its expertise in IoT and connected services, providing customized recommendations based on your core business.
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Customized recommendations based on your core business

As connected devices make a remarkable entry into the IT ecosystem of many organizations, and as industries undergo digital transformation, giving rise to a multitude of new connected services, new opportunities for development emerge. Our living spaces, such as offices, cities, and production chains, are gradually being labeled as “smart.”

Whether it’s Smart Buildings, connected offices, Industry 4.0, or multichannel commerce, the potential of IoT and associated services seems infinite, both in terms of usage and insights. However, the challenge is present: in a landscape of vast and complex objects and solutions, which connected objects and services should be prioritized, and how can they be implemented without disrupting service continuity?

These challenges lie at the heart of Synelience Group’s expertise, as we have been working closely with digital transformation for many years.


A smart solution for every market

Technology and IoT are gradually6 moving into private and public healthcare establishments. From diagnostics to treatment, e-health and telemedicine rely on tools like video conferencing, management of wandering patients, fall detection and the prevention of newborn abductions in order to simplify their daily lives, improve patient safety and make up for medical deserts.

Unlock the potential of a smart production chain to analyse your real-time performance levels and automate whatever actions you can in order to cut your costs: now that industry 4.0 is in full swing, Synelience Group can help you rethink the foundations of your logistics.

Infrared censors on traffic counting carpets and many more solutions are available to streamline and optimally control foot traffic to your events, regardless of size or venue.

Vehicle tracking, fuel consumption control, error detection and more: in the field of transport, the possibilities afforded by the IoT are endless. Whatever your issues – security, cost-cutting or improving your quality of service – Synelience is here to steer your move to digital.

Smart Solutions

  • Facial recognition

  • Access control

  • Geolocation

  • Video protection

  • Flow and counting

  • Digital signage

  • Multimedia entertainment

  • Air handing

  • Smart Building and Home Automation

Security, agility and scalability: advantages of the Synelience method

While each client’s situation is different, certain parameters absolutely must be incorporated into any smart solution or IoT integration project:

Compliance & Cybersecurity

Implementing an IoT strategy involves a significant increase in the number of endpoints, which extends the data circuit and creates new potential security vulnerabilities. As specialists in compliance and cybersecurity, Synelience Group provides precise support in terms of compliance, data protection, and combating cyberattacks.

Technical support

Any IoT rollout raises major connectivity issues, which is why the installation of all smart tools demands the support of an integrator capable of adapting the existing network infrastructure to its new uses, but also of securing the data and ensuring that the crucial connectivity system, hardware and equipment are all working correctly. From technical support to rollout and updates by way of maintenance, Synelience Group can give you the global vision you need to accelerate the pace of your digital transformation.

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