As a true trusted performance partner, we are committed to our clients and are determined to make their strategic projects a success, both for them and for us.
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Synelience Group’s expertise dates back to 2009, a time when the concept of digitization was not yet part of everyday vocabulary. These years, filled with progress, innovation, and transformations, have seen us grow and evolve. Here is our story.


Key figures

Are you curious to know the key figures of our company? Here’s a brief overview.


Born in France, Synelience Group quickly expanded its operations in Europe and beyond. This international development was supported not only through the establishment of subsidiaries but also through strategic partnerships with trusted local players.

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Become a consultant at Synelience Group

At Synelience, we strongly believe that the success of our clients’ projects depends primarily on the human factor. That’s why we place great importance on supporting our consultants and providing them with the best working conditions and opportunities for career development.


We are constantly looking for the best IT and digital talents to meet our internal growth needs but also for various assignments with our clients.


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