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Connectivity is your best ally

Bandwidth requirements have never been higher, especially for businesses that have migrated their IT services to the cloud, operate internationally, or have multiple sites. Connectivity is crucial for ensuring smooth service operations and employee productivity.

Synelience Group provides you with its strategic and operational expertise. Whether it’s 5G, fiber optics, or microwave links, you can rely on a reliable and high-performance internet connection day after day, as well as a dependable and efficient WiFi network that meets your service requirements.

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French expert in high-speed broadband

Setting up a high-performing infrastructure is based on several key steps: after conducting an in-depth audit, we will carry out a precise radio coverage analysis and will examine the specifics of your infrastructure so we can implement the right type of high-speed connection for you.

Our knowledge of the geographic coverage of national and local providers allows us to recommend the best interconnection solutions available in your area. We are a multi-carrier, multi-technology provider, covering fibre optics, ADSL, 4G/5G and radio links.

As the real backbone of IT resources, network infrastructure cannot do without strong accessibility and performance levels. From LAN to SD-WAN by way of backbone architecture, we can help you design the most relevant architecture for your organization.

The efficiency of businesses heavily relies on exceptional connectivity, which stems from a well-implemented and properly dimensioned WiFi network. This includes factors such as service quality, optimal coverage, bandwidth accessibility, seamless communication, and analysis and understanding of usage patterns.


Leverage the full potential of your IT resources with absolute confidence in your connection through our range of personalized services. Whatever your WiFi network challenges or needs may be, we will implement a tailored solution to boost your speeds and ensure smooth operations.

  • Radio coverage studies

  • Indoor and outdoor integration

  •  Interoperability

  • LAN, WAN, WLAN, SD-WAN & Backbone

  • Fibre optics (FFTO/FFTH), 4G/5G & xDSL

  • Security

  • Routing, roaming, data stream management & QoS

  • Patient call systems (VO WiFi)

Synelience guarantees

Secure connections from end to end

An essential criteria for protecting your company’s and your employee’s sensitive data, proactively managing your assets and applying patches are some of our strengths – not to mention a major advantage when it comes to compliance (especially with the GDPR and for ISO 27001 certification).

A solution tailored to your environment

Thanks to our expertise as a registered provider , we are able to guarantee the continuity of your services throughout your project.

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