Synelience Group will help you identify the structural weaknesses in your organization to ensure your data, systems and employees are all secure.
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The exponential rise in data exchanged around the world has also led to an increased threat to IT systems. From malware and ransomware to phishing, these cyberattacks are not only more sophisticated than before, they also affect all business sectors – public and private.

With this in mind, it can be challenging to secure your information systems while ensuring they continue to operate in an optimal way. The aim is to pinpoint an organization’s structural weaknesses by studying all its endpoints and to identify its compliance issues during the course of the digital transformation process.

When you work with Synelience Group, a specialist in digital transformation and an expert in multi-standard compliance, IT security becomes an essential part of making your digitalization and governance strategy a success.


Cybersecurity at the heart of your integration strategy

As an expert in cybersecurity issues, Synelience Group will help you secure all your current IT devices and systems, including computers, terminals, LAN and SD-WAN networks, WiFi, programs, applications and software. All endpoints must be taken into consideration to ensure effective protection.

Cybersecurity and compliance are now an inherent part of any integration project at every stage of the collaboration process:

We carry out an audit of the organizational, legal and technical aspects of your compliance status to help us design the most effective security strategy for your specific challenges and problems.

Our teams provide ongoing strategic monitoring to detect vulnerabilities and identify trends.

We help you implement organizational, legal and technical security measures tailored to your business, challenges and risks.

We include professional protection tools – firewalls and antivirus, anti-spam and intrusion detection software – to minimize economic impact and ensure continuity of service.

By offering a complete training package, we provide the change management and skills transfer your employees need to get to grips with your new solutions and use your information systems independently.

Legal compliance: one less challenge with Synelience Group

While the legislation governing IT operations could be accused of dragging its heels, the introduction and rapid adoption of new standards and certifications (ISO 27001, GDPR, HDS) are making the process of securing systems more cumbersome and complex. However, compliance is not only essential to protect your employees and your business – it is also a legal parameter that all companies must adhere to from the start of any integration project as part of a privacy by design approach.


Thanks to its comprehensive service offering, Synelience Group can help you ensure compliance and strengthen the security of your information systems, providing you with an infrastructure you can rely on for all your employees – without complicating your tasks or slowing down your operations.

  • GDPR and ISO 27001 compliance

  • Compliance

  • Governance

  • Risk analysis

  • Training

  • Shared SOCs/NSOCs

  • Remote access management

  • Anti-spam and antivirus software, firewalls

  • Data encryption

  • Data protection

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