Wixalia has been supporting accelerated digital change for more than 12 years, providing companies and healthcare facilities with the operational.


France's leading IT operations and integration specialist

As Synelience Group’s IT operations and integration division, Wixalia connects companies and public institutions with digital innovation thanks to its in-depth understanding of modern connectivity – from network infrastructure, WiFi and the IoT to 5G, business telephony and managed services.

Guided by a start-up mindset, Wixalia’s teams closely monitor the rapid evolution of devices, standards and new technologies to offer agile and ultra-personalized solutions to the company’s clients. With its background in the healthcare sector, the company has an in-depth knowledge of the issues related to care pathways and telemedicine.

Networks & WiFi

A French company at the forefront of digital transformation

Wixalia develops and combines a wide variety of skills to give you all the capabilities you need to exceed your productivity goals:


Infrastructure & Networks

Every year, the amount of data exchanged around the world increases exponentially. To address these complex IT challenges and accelerate your business, there’s only one solution: a trusted – and scalable – infrastructure that can cope with future change. Whether you have WiFi, SD-WAN or LAN, 4G, 5G, mobile or IP telephony requirements, Wixalia can help you set up a state-of-the-art infrastructure.

  • Equipment & staging

  • Architecture & PoC

  • Data storage

  • Data centre solutions

  • Cloud intelligence


  • Desktop virtualization

  • VPN, SSL, load balancing

  • Fixed mobile

  • IP telephony (ARCEP registered)


WiFi & Very High-Speed Broadband

A slow, unstable connection is the sworn enemy of your teams’ productivity. That’s why Wixalia will improve or renew your existing structure with high-speed broadband solutions that don’t compromise on security, insights (response time, pings, etc.) or user experience (UX).

  • Indoor & outdoor integration

  • Radio coverage studies

  • Interoperability

  • LAN/WAN/WLAN/SD-WAN & backbone networks

  • Fibre optics

  • 4G & 5G

  • Security

  • Routing

  • Roaming

  • Flow management

  • QoS


Outsourcing & Managed Services

No need to choose between performance and security! Wixalia will help you achieve a perfectly balanced IT budget, make sure your assets are impeccably managed and provide you with an exceptionally high-quality connection and access to data.

  • ITSM service desk

  • N1/N2/N3 support

  • Supervision

  • Monitoring

  • Network & hotspot manager

  • Captive portal

  • IT asset management

  • Printing solutions

  • WiFi-as-a-Service


Connected & IoT Solutions

The rapid growth of the IoT has placed technology at the heart of processes in all environments and you can increase your autonomy, security and efficiency with solutions dedicated to your core business. Specialized in project management and the infrastructure, compliance and cybersecurity aspects of the IoT, Wixalia can open doors to this rapidly expanding market.

  • Facial recognition

  • Access control

  • Video protection

  • Geolocation

  • Foot traffic & counting

  • Content management platforms for dynamic displays

  • Digital signage

  • Smart buildings

  • Home automation

  • Entertainment

  • Air handling


An international network with a local focus

Wixalia relies on a network of local offices and certified partners, as well as its strong international presence: with offices in 7 countries, Wixalia’s customers always benefit from the company’s local focus and agility. In addition, projects are carried out with a start-up mindset, which helps us work more effectively with our partners.

Partners & Markets

An operations and integration specialist with a healthcare background, Wixalia will find the best possible solution to your digital problem. Today, Wixalia works with a wide variety of organizations with different needs and requirements, such as shopping centres, supermarkets, event venues and transport providers.


Red Cross, Domitys, Orpéa, ACPPA Group, Essilor, Korian, Énéal, Santélys

Distribution & Services

Carrefour, Danone, Dell, Dior, Givaudan, HP, LVMH

Industry & Transport

Autosur, Saint-Gobain, SNCF, Watsoft, Wortmann


Crédit Mutuel, MACIF, Natixis

Government & Telecoms

AMRTP, Ericsson, Orange, Digicel, Sonatel

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