Our commitments

At Synelience Group, we take our commitments very seriously to ensure an unforgettable experience for our employees and clients.
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Innovation strategy & vision

As supporters of useful, future-focussed human innovation, we put our expertise to work on solutions that are capable of enhancing the customer experience, simplifying the daily lives of businesses and patients, and creating the necessary conditions to make green technology widely accessible.

Our values

Customer orientation, passion for technology, respect for the environment, attentiveness and kindness: Synelience Group’s values focus on putting innovation to work for people and the world of tomorrow.

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CSR Approach

Corporate responsibility, ecological engagement and social values are the three pillars underpinning a sustainable business, to the benefit of all Synelience Group employees.

The Green WiFi reforestation program

Synelience Group includes in its CSR commitments the Green WiFi reforestation program launched in 2020 by Wixalia. This initiative indirectly involves all our customers, so all together we’re helping to offset the carbon footprint of digital technology.