Synelience Group: values centred around innovation

Values focussed on the world of tomorrow

As an IT partner and digital transformation adviser, Synelience Group operates at the very heart of innovation, helping companies increase the technological potential and the value of their assets. In terms of network infrastructure, connectivity, the IoT, managed services and IT outsourcing, we can set up lasting, secure and integrated systems that will prepare you for the world of tomorrow.

This is why innovation alone is not enough: at Synelience Group, we believe that the potential of new technologies should primarily serve users, patients, employees and consumers. No matter your target audience or business sector, innovation should provide concrete responses, first and foremost, to simplify or improve everyone’s day-to-day experience.

Whatever your project, you’ll find that Synelience Group’s values are brought to life by our teams who are excited to learn about each client’s reality and who know how to roll out technologies that are still fairly exclusive today, like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and IoT and smart building solutions, to put them within reach of companies of all sizes.


Purposeful human innovation at the centre of our values

Our teams are endowed with a strong startup culture, which makes them particularly attentive to your issues and to today’s technological transformations. This allows them to connect you to digital innovation and confidently guide you through your digitalization or IT integration project:

This is necessary in order to understand, roll out and transform ever more complex, smart technological ecosystems. A taste for innovation and knowledge of the latest advances in software and hardware are part of our corporate culture and are shared by all our employees.

As a service provider specializing in consulting and support, Synelience Group works in close alignment with our clients’ needs. Thanks to this agility – which is not the sole purview of startups – we can anticipate your needs and make the most relevant recommendations.

The complexity of today’s information systems and the frantic pace of innovation can easily disrupt the continuity of your activities, including integration projects. To ensure you have a smooth transition, our teams are always monitoring for new technological developments and are here to listen to you and help you master your new solutions.

Out of our commitment to integrity, inclusion and diversity, as well as ecological and social issues, Synelience Group has a CSR policy that is founded on strong human values, in the interest of our employees’ well-being and the sustainable development of our activities and projects.

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